Mark Frazer

Mark R. Frazer

Owner | Founder | Director

Mark is a man who is inspired by his love of nature and adventure and is driven by the need to continuously explore and learn more. Having started out as a nature guide who studied conservation management he entered the world of Nature Guiding, working on reserves & parks such as Kruger National Park & surrounding private reserves along with other National parks in and outside of South Africa.

From here he went on to Big 5 Trails Guiding & shortly afterwards expanded his skillset to the Horseback Guiding industry, before entering the world of Overland Guiding. Today he is a national Facilitator/Assessor with a passion to train & educate students (both new guides & veteran guides) in any way which can help them to better their guiding skillset.

“Being involved in a wide variety of fields I often spent my time between training, teambuilding and adventures, aspiring to touch people’s lives in the way that our training / tours and team-building programs are conducted within the company. Touring Africa & the rest of the world is my passion. I often hear people saying that I work too hard, at which I often simply respond that my job is my passion, I chose this life to live every day to its fullest. I think it is important that we all strive to go out and be great, learn as much as you can, protect nature all that is beautiful in it, educate & learn from people, enjoy your time on earth and leave a legacy worth remembering.”

“Live your life to the fullest and leave a legacy worth to remember.
Go for your dreams without hesitation. Small beginnings, Grand Destinations”

~ Mark R. Frazer ~