We all know that one of the main attractions for your trip to Africa is to get to experience a real African Safari and with some luck, being able to see the Big 5. There is nothing quite like experiencing an African Elephant walking close by you, seeing a Savannah Lion walking through the bush or watching the African Sunrise appearing bright red over the horizon. We have a variety of tour options that you can choose from to suit your needs, don’t like any of the packages? Talk to us about making a Tailor-made package for you / your group. We suggest considering a combination of one of our Safari Packages with one of our South African packages.

See below our rates &/ package options
Please note: The rates excludes any conservation fee / entry costs

1 Person: R3500

2 People: R1750

3 People: R1200

4 People: R900

5 People: R750

6 People: R600

7 People: R500

8 People: R450

9 People: R400

10 People: R380

As an additional add-on, we can include catering, conservation fees &/ multiple activities into your day trip / 3-5-day tour.

1 Day Kruger Trip

If you are limited on time or budget, but you don’t want to miss out on your dream of seeing some of the world famous Big 5 animals, then the day tours into Kruger National Park are ideal for you. Although it is impossible to guarantee seeing all the Big 5 on one day, our guides are well-trained and experienced and will do their best to get you to see some of these magnificent animals. This tour ideally starts at gate opening time (depending on the season between 5:30 – 6:30) and ends after lunch time between 2 – 3pm. Please note that in the hope of spotting some of the Big 5, it is crucial that the tour start early as after 11am, most animals go to sleep during the heat of the day until 4-5pm.

Suggested Tip: Combine this trip with a Panorama Route tour or a day trip to Swaziland!

3 Day Kruger Trip

A perfect option for someone that wants to really get to experience the African Bush for more than just a day. Your odds of seeing the entire Big 5 and some of our rarer animals are more likely on this trip seeing as your guide will have more time to show you around the park. The trip takes place over 3 days and 2 nights, with accommodation being at one or two of the camps (speak to us to look at accommodation types / costs). For anyone that appreciates nature and would like to really get the time to experience & learn about our wildlife, we suggest you look at the 3-day tour as your option for your African Safari!

Suggested Tip: Combine this trip with activities such as Bush Walks &/ Night Drives

5 Day Kruger Trip

The ultimate African Safari Tour. This is ideal for the traveller who is very keen on learning about Wildlife, the African bush and who really wants to spend the time to experience the serenity of our pristine wilderness. If you are into Wildlife Photography or even just want to get to spend the time to understand nature more, this is the option for you. We spend 4 nights in 1-4 camps in the park and 5 days in total.

Suggested Tip: This trip is ideal for Wildlife Photographers, nature lovers, Educational Safaris or University students that are studying fields of Nature &/ animals such as Zoology, Geology and any nature educational field.

Birding Specialist Tours

A trip ideal for the twitchers out there that are looking to increase their number of species found on their bird lists. Our bird tours vary from general 3-5 day Tours in the Kruger National Park to longer tours that stretch from the Kruger National Park down to the North Eastern Coast region of Kwazulu-Natal where one can find endemic lagoon / marine species that live in the area. Speak to us to learn more about our Birding Specialist Tours and how we can help you to find the species you need to increase your list and check this off your bucket-list.