Although we do provide numerous Guide Specific training services, our focus within the guiding training sector is on 4×4 driver training. Please note we do provide 4×4 training services to the public & private sector, please see the section on Other Services

Guide Specific Training Categories Include:

Guide Specific 4×4 Training

We have developed an increasingly popular guide specific TETA Accredited 4×4 Driver Training Course. Following the national SAQA Unit Standard 254 135, we have taken an already amazing product and specialized it to the Reserve based & Overland Nature / Adventure guides’ needs. This course is swiftly gaining popularity in the guiding sector and is at this stage permanently included as a compulsory sector of Bushwise Field Guides Training college’s year course. To date we have trained over 250 of the Bushwise Field Guides students and we can already see the difference it is making in their guiding career. Other than that, we have trained at multiple operational Game Lodges in the country.

Whether you are a new or a veteran Field Guide, we assure you that this course will not only add a massively valuable skillset to you as an individual, but will also help you to understand your vehicle better, enabling you to drive guests safer, more comfortable and with greater ease for yourself and the vehicle. As a bonus, we go into in-depth and thorough vehicle recovery training and spend ample time doing actual vehicle recoveries in dangerous game situations. From a lodge / vehicle owner perspective, this course most certainly ensures that the guides &/ drivers understand the impact that their driving style has on the vehicles, along with teaching them how to look after the cars, which in the long-term prevents unnecessary maintenance costs to lodge & vehicle owners.

Better training has never been around, we guarantee you will agree once you have seen what we do. Don’t believe us? Ask anyone who has done a course with us.

Why even think about training…

Most lodges & tourism related companies operating in natural areas have the same / similar issues. Guides operating their vehicles incorrectly, making mistakes & damaging vehicles even if they are not aware they are doing so. We have found that by giving the guides / operators of the game / overland 4×4 vehicles the proper training & guidance, they not only feel more comfortable in driving guests around in any condition, but they also understand how the vehicle works and how to look after it. Our training ensures that if guides are found competent, the vehicles that they work with lasts longer and causes less breakdowns. Adding on to this the fact that we do extensive vehicle recovery training, your guides will be able to get any vehicle out of most off-road conditions, safely and efficiently. The last thing any tourism related operator wants, is an accident that could have been avoided by investing in proper training.

Why us…

We are a FGASA endorsed Specialist Training Provider which represents the 4×4 Training Field with regards to the Nature Guide specific training taking place in the industry.

Our trainers are not only experienced FGASA qualified Field Guides, but also experienced Overland Guides that operate both in Southern Africa as well as in nature reserves on a daily basis.

Our trainers are also qualified & experienced National Facilitators & Assessors and have been involved in the 4×4 driver training industry for years. Our trainers are registered TETA & CATHSSETA Assessors.

We have trained thousands of people in the skill of 4×4 driving, and currently we have trained over 300 guides in our Field Guide Specialist 4×4 Training course.

We believe in our training and have seen the difference it can & has made in the industry already.

Our clients…

We have trained a large amount of people over the last few years, but our most valued & permanent clients include, but is not limited to…

  • Bushwise Field Guides Training Academy
  • Antares Guide Training
  • Damelin College’s Game Ranging Students
  • Isibindi Africa Lodge Group
  • Thonga Beach Lodge, Isimangaliso
  • Kosi Forest Lodge, Isimangaliso
  • Rhino Ridge Lodge, Hluhluwe
  • Mpumalanga Tourism & Parks Association
  • GVI (Global Vision International) Wildlife Research Teams
  • Thula Thula Lodge
  • Currently under negotiation with EcoTraining

Aspects covered during training:

  • Environmental Aspect (how your vehicle influences the environment)
  • 4 Wheel Drive Systems
  • Vehicle Drive Train & Critical Angles
  • Suspension Systems, Tyres, Vehicle Safety Systems
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Practical Driving Skills & Emergency Procedures
  • Guiding Relevant Scenarios & Code of Conduct

Training Options:

A. TETA ACCREDITED (Unit Standard 254 135)

A nationally accredited training course (NQF Level 3) which follows the TETA SETA’s regulations. This training adds substantial value to a candidate’s CV and from a company perspective can be claimed back as a skills development levy.

We promote our accredited training as it is an investment in the guides that operate in the industry and empowers them to climb to the next educational level on the SAQA database. The minimum / amount of days for this training is 3 days.

This training tends to be slightly more expensive as it has to go through the TETA governing body and requires an assessor and moderator to be involved in the accreditation phase.


For lodges & companies that simply wish to see their guides look after vehicles better, ensuring that they spend less on vehicle maintenance, whilst still giving the guides the right amount of knowledge to do their job safely and well, this is an excellent course to choose. This course is cheaper as there is no need for assessment by an outside assessor, & our in-house facilitator can do the required assessments.

Costs of Training is dependent on number of students & training needs…


The reason we do this training is not a mere money-making scheme. We believe this training has a massively positive impact on the Nature & Overland guiding industry and notably empowers the guides to do their jobs better, but ensures they know how to look after their vehicles properly. Furthermore it adds massive value to the guest’s overall experiences they will immediately feel a more comfortable ride and the risk involved in daily operations is reduced drastically. As a tour operator or lodge, it simply a given that you will immediately spend less on vehicle maintenance.

People often ask me why they need this training as they state that, “I know how to drive”. In response to this I mostly say, “If I were a trails guide with no trails or rifle handling training, nor any experience, would you walk with me into a Lion charge?”

Train people to do their jobs properly, not what they think is the right way…

Guide Specific Safe Drive

A course designed for the Open Safari Vehicle industry which focusses on teaching guides how to operate a vehicle safely & efficiently with paying guests on board. This course is designed to instil a mindset of taking ownership for the vehicle and the safety of others whilst on the road. As guides that are operating these vehicles, it is important for us to ensure that the guide knows not only how to handle a vehicle in an emergency, but also to understand the mechanics of a vehicle and how to make sure the vehicles are well-maintained and properly looked after. Driving aspects such as Weight Transfer, Emergency Braking, Vehicle Safety Systems and safe driving techniques are all handled during this course. The course is a one-two day competency training course depending on the level of training that is required.

This course is used & supported by the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Association & has been approved by governing bodies in the tourism industry as an industry standard training course for OSV operators.

Guided Skills Training

We believe that as new / aspiring guides, there are a wide variety of training courses that you can choose from to get yourself qualified & experienced in the industry. We can assist you to get the best possible training to fit your budget and need and can also assist in organizing additional training & assessments to get your qualifications up to standard to get you employable in the guiding industry.

We also provide specialized consulting / assistance training depending on your specific need. Please speak to us directly to learn more about this.